What’s one thing I love more than Taco Bell?? Trick question…I don’t love anything more than Taco Bell. Well, Maybe my husband 😉 What’s one thing that’s a close second to Taco Bell? A good deal on clothing that can be worn multiple ways. A piece that has more than one style is always a bargain because you are basically getting several outfits for the price of one!

Lucky for you (and me) I’m sharing this adorable romper I bought from Four Sisters Boutique —a boutique near home in Nebraska. I styled it 3 different ways as pictured below!

  1. Sleeves tied as a bow in the front-seriously how fun? You just take the sleeves off your shoulders and tie a knot in the front.

  1. Sleeves tied in the back– same thing as the bow in front, but in back. I know, mind blowing!!

  1. Off the shoulder long sleeves-the way it was designed. Clearly I’m a rule-breaker with the styles above.

I was just playing dress up and messing around with these adorable sleeves solely to be silly and realized “oh!! I actually dig this” Hopefully you can use these little tricks for any off the shoulder gems hanging in your closet. Or maybe you’ll just have to order this one!