It’s HUMP-DAY! We’ve made it this far y’all! Today at work we had a Pumpkin Potluck. I wish I could say that I’m sick of pumpkin-flavored things after this extravaganza, but I don’t think that day will ever come.  In the spirit of Autumn (and pumpkin everything), I wanted to share a few different ways to use a blanket scarf. I have to say the first time I bought one I was totally confused!

 This one is from ilymix.

How you usually see it: This is what you will typically see during the fall. I’ll let you in on a little secret…this is a great way to hide the shirt (or no bra) you’re wearing!

As an actual blanket: It ain’t called a blanket scarf for nothin’! If you live somewhere warm like me, this makes an excellent accessory to bring somewhere outside to sit on. Blogger Tip: I always bring/wear one when I travel to keep warm!

Folded long-ways: If you want your shirt or dress to be seen but still want to accessorize, this is the way to go! Just keep folding it long ways until you reach the width you like.

As a poncho: My personal favorite! I love this cape/poncho look right now. Just take the scarf and fold it at a diagonal then drape it over your shoulders.

Although I don’t believe there is a pumpkin blanket-scarf (yet), you can rest assured I’m still searching!