Well hello gorgeous friends! I haven’t done an actual blog post in umm…over two months! I am so sorry for being MIA, but I really do have a good excuse!

Are you ready for it??

Christian and I are having a BABY!! Yes- it’s true! We will be welcoming our little miracle into the world in early July (exact due date is 7-11-18).

So, I’ll go ahead and get the basics/frequently asked questions out of the way and then I’m going to get a little deeper/more real than usual…and I can’t wait to do so 🙂

  • Were you trying? YES!! Heavens, yes. We knew we wanted to grow our family pretty soon after we got married and after about a year and a half of marriage, it was time for us! How did we know? It’s something that Christian and I cannot quite explain, but we both just had a feeling. I am confident this feeling is from the Lord. When it’s your time, you’ll just know! And I promise, if God wants a baby in your life…He will make that miracle happen J Not to get too graphic, but after it didn’t work the first month, or two, etc. we started really “trying”. I’m talking daily temperature taking, peeing on dozens of sticks, and even alarm clock apps! What finally worked? The month that we prayed OUT LOUD, every night together, we got pregnant. The power of prayer is unspeakable and so real.
  • What are you having? Boy or girl? NO CLUE! And we are going to wait until our little angel is born to find out! Crazy huh?? Christian and I both LOVE surprises. We both think this is one of the last real surprises that happen in life, so that’s it: we’re waiting! What do your (old wives tales) signs and symptoms tell you it is? GIRL! Every sign and symptom is pointing to GIRL, GIRL, GIRL. Baby has a ~160 heart beat every appointment, momma has tons of acne, momma feels SO SICK, heck-the ring test even said GIRL! What does my intuition tell me? BOY! My heart is 99.9% sure this little babe is a BOY! No matter what everyone else says and what my “signs” say, I really think baby’s a boy. Why? Not sure! Maybe I just picture my wonderful husband and think “well of course that’s what our baby will be like!!” being that he too is a boy 🙂


I promised this post was going to be deeper than usual, so here we go…

Before I was pregnant, I had lots of dreams and expectations of what pregnancy would be like. The majority of those dreams and expectations involved ME. Sounds selfish, but I think I imagined the bump and the kicks and everything else but the key piece I was missing was the heart of this entire pregnancy: the love I’d experience.

Here are a few things I KNEW and expected about pregnancy along with what I’ve learned and continue to learn:

About Advice + Opinions…

  • What I knew: I definitely expected to hear opinions about parenting and having a newborn spilling out the wazoo. I expected many stories and tales of what worked and didn’t work for other parents.
  • What I learned: I learned real quickly that these opinions and advice are REAL. And these are what worked for other people. Most importantly, this advice comes from a place of love and desire to serve you (meaning my husband and I). They are not to be brushed off or laughed at or even responded to with “well that may have worked for you”. These are people’s most vulnerable feelings and opinions and they deserve to be inquired about and listened to.

About Morning Sickness + Emotions…

  • What I knew: I would feel sick and maybe even emotional or moody.
  • What I’m learning: That it doesn’t matter. Well it does matter when you throw up everything you ate that day because you want to keep your baby nourished, but what I’m trying to say is that you LOVE that little angel no matter what and would feel that sickness a million times over for your baby. I also thought I would experience a little sadness or even depression; however, the exact opposite has happened. I feel like pregnancy has totally reset my body. I am much more calm, much happier, and even more care-free than before! I am my BEST self now and I can’t even wait to see how happy I am once I meet our little bundle.

About Love for Our Baby…

  • What I knew: I totally knew that this little angel would be so loved. Of course baby’s mommy and daddy love him or her, but who couldn’t love their granddaughter/grandson, new niece/nephew, new cousin? Bringing a new life to a family is an incredible experience for EVERY family member.
  • What I’m learning: This love is INDESCRIBABLE. The love Christian and I had immediately for this little miracle was out of this world. And what’s even better is to see how many family members and friends are pouring their love into gifts, cards, sweet messages, phone calls, and texts. My sisters and sister-in-law, Momma, and Honey (grandma) text me almost daily to ask how I’m feeling and how our baby is doing. Word of advice: you are never ever ANNOYING a mommy when you ask how she is feeling/how baby is doing. It means the world to her and she wants to talk about her little angel all day long. So thank you, to everyone who has checked in and cared for our baby.

About my Mom…

  • What I knew: “One day” I’d realize Momma was right.
  • What I’m learning: Momma is REALLY, REALLY right. Mom always said to me upon huffing and puffing at curfews and checking in that “you’ll understand when you have children”. Well Ma, that day has come! I’m already so overprotective and extra careful already with this little one. I triple check my seatbelt, drive at or under the speed limit, and I won’t come near soft cheeses (lol) all to protect our perfect miracle. Lord knows this overprotection out of love will exponentially increase once baby is actually here!

About my Husband…

  • What I knew: I thought I loved my husband more than I ever could. How could I possibly love my most favorite person more than I already do?
  • What I’m learning: My love doesn’t even come close to what I imagined. There is something about a couples’ love creating LIFE that makes a relationship different, for us anyway. Christian has always led our household by putting God first, but I’m witnessing this in a whole new way. His protection, his sensitivity, and his love for our family is something so much stronger and I can’t help but have a whole new level of love for this man.

Like I said, I had a really good excuse for being MIA the last few months. It was SO fun keeping the secret, but now I want to shout about our miracle from the rooftops! Please please please reach out to me with any and all advice you have as a new or seasoned parent, or auntie/uncle, cousin, etc. We feel honored and loved by your advice and care. We feel so blessed God gifted us with a perfect miracle and we can’t wait to take you along for the ride. 2018, I’m so ready for ya!