10 Valentine’s Day (or any day) Date Ideas

Believe it or not, I used to dislike Valentine’s Day. I was so sick of the excessively large stuffed teddy bears and triple priced heart-shaped candies (except for the Reese’s peanut butter cup hearts). I used to think of Valentine’s Day as “The Holiday to One Up” meaning that I thought everyone just wanted a date and gift so they could brag about it on Facebook and Instagram. Now that I’ve found the love of my life, he’s changed my view. Christian once told me during college that “Valentine’s Day” is just a reminder of how every other day should be: a reminder of love, rather than a holiday of love.   To celebrate this reminder of love, rather than crazy, commercialized holiday, here are some every-day (or V-day) date ideas that my beau and I have tried!

  1. Themed dinner and movie at home: What’s better than Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday plus some homemade (or not) spaghetti and meatballs? Nothing. Nothing is better 😉


  1. Cake-testing: Engaged? Or just want to pretend? Grab your babe and go sample all kinds of wedding cake as a fun day date!


  1. A second first date: Throw it on back to how it all it all started and re-visit that first café, restaurant, or bar for a fun way to share old memories and love.


  1. PEDICURES? : Yes, it’s true. Guys can enjoy these too. If my 6’5, gun-loving, 100% manly man could enjoy this, then yours can too. Christian and I went for a relaxing pedicure and even brought beer!!


  1. Staycation: Find a cute little boutique hotel in your city and stay for a night. Maybe even enjoy the spa/pool (if it’s warm enough) or even a workout class together.


  1. Bake together: If you’re like Christian and I, we love to cook together. Bake a heart-shaped cake or decorate cookies together for a creative little sweet treat.


  1. Farmer’s Market: I know this doesn’t sound “romantic” per say; however, we LOVE the Farmer’s market. Christian and I go almost every Saturday and I totally take for granted the time we spend together walking around. You can even pick out some farm-fresh flowers!


  1. Take a hike: Enjoy a sunrise or sunset (or middle of the day) walk/hike together. You could even bring some goodies for a picnic!


  1. Shop for candy the day AFTER Valentine’s day: Every now and then after a holiday, Christian and I will go to the grocery store just for candy and clear the shelves. You can find some really good stuff for 50-75% off!


  1. Dinner doesn’t HAVE to be on Valentine’s Day: Some places increase prices on Feb. 14th (and some also have special deals); feel free to do a dinner date on another night before or after V-day. We always skip the crowds and order a heart-shaped pizza from Domino’s or Papa Johns.

I hope these Valentine’s Day date ideas give you and your love some ideas of how to celebrate February 14th (or any other day) without breaking the bank or sitting on the phone forever to make a fancy dinner reservation. At the end of the day, it’s all about love right? And we can (should) do that any day, any time!


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My Five Step Skincare Routine

My mom bought me some under eye cream when I turned 20 and said “never too early!” as a joke…little did I know that she was (always) right. Now that I’m taking better care of my skin, I’ve noticed the difference and importance of good products and a trusty regimen.

Allow me to introduce you to Saranghae skin care! I’ve been using this line for about 4 weeks now and I’m totally hooked. This line is an award winning Korean skin care brand. With this system, your skin will thank you for feeling refreshed, renewed, and regenerated.

There are 5 steps as pictured:

  1. The most amazing mask: Put on this mask and watch a show (or two) on Netflix and just RELAX!
  2. Gentle Nourishing/Moisturizing Cleanser: The name speaks for itself in my opinion.
  3. Radiance Serum: I have never used a serum, but this one created a lifetime habit for me.
  4. Firm & Lift Regeneration Cream: this is my favorite part of this system. Can you say silky!?
  5. Renewal Eye Cream…Mom’s joke comes full circle 😉


My skin always feels smooth and well balanced after each use. I’ve noticed less acne and lines under my eyes. As always, feel free to message or email me with any additional questions you have! Per the usual, my mom was right and it’s so important to take care of your skin from a young age. I hope you do the same 🙂

This post was sponsored courtesy of Saranghae Skin Care. All opinions are my own. 

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Some Exciting News!

It’s been about three months since I started this blogging adventure and I have to say I’m loving every second! I have met some of the sweetest and smartest girls, learned so much, and have managed to keep my husband around 😉

One of my first goals I set when starting All Things Ashley was to be accepted as an influencer through Reward Style so y’all can shop my looks. I am SO excited to tell you that I’ve reached this goal and now you can shop my looks through the app or by clicking on the product images below at the bottom of this post!


This entire outfit is from Red Dress Boutique and I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out! Do you ever feel like you wear the same thing every day? Sometime’s it feels like that to me during the Fall because I find myself always wearing a sweater and jeans. I liked this sweater because it has (classy) bling on the arms and these jeans caught my eye with the frayed edges. So even if you feel the same way I do, I promise this outfit will get you out of that rut.

As always, thank you for your continued support and love. Have a fantastic rest of your week!   

Shop the whole look here: 


This post was sponsored by Red Dress Boutique. All opinions are my own. 


How To Wear A Blanket Scarf

It’s HUMP-DAY! We’ve made it this far y’all! Today at work we had a Pumpkin Potluck. I wish I could say that I’m sick of pumpkin-flavored things after this extravaganza, but I don’t think that day will ever come.  In the spirit of Autumn (and pumpkin everything), I wanted to share a few different ways to use a blanket scarf. I have to say the first time I bought one I was totally confused!

 This one is from ilymix.

How you usually see it: This is what you will typically see during the fall. I’ll let you in on a little secret…this is a great way to hide the shirt (or no bra) you’re wearing!

As an actual blanket: It ain’t called a blanket scarf for nothin’! If you live somewhere warm like me, this makes an excellent accessory to bring somewhere outside to sit on. Blogger Tip: I always bring/wear one when I travel to keep warm!

Folded long-ways: If you want your shirt or dress to be seen but still want to accessorize, this is the way to go! Just keep folding it long ways until you reach the width you like.

As a poncho: My personal favorite! I love this cape/poncho look right now. Just take the scarf and fold it at a diagonal then drape it over your shoulders.

Although I don’t believe there is a pumpkin blanket-scarf (yet), you can rest assured I’m still searching!


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Three Timeless Pieces

Happy Saturday, loves!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. Mine has been productive with work and doing a little fall cleaning at home.

Some things I never seem to throw out during my seasonal “get rid of everything you haven’t worn or used in 6 months” are my jewelry items. I’ve noticed I cling to pieces that are easy to wear and that go with everything. I’m sure you can also tell that I usually wear gold (other than my wedding ring).

With that said, I’ve decided to do a little round up of some of my FAVORITE and timeless pieces! These are fun to style and from Gorjana.

ONE: Dainty Gold Necklace: I wear a gold necklace almost daily. Adding a touch of glam and feminine is just what I like to compete an outfit. This one caught my eye with the adorable three gold beads.TWO: Statement Earrings: These drop earrings have the trendy “bubble” look but are still timeless with the gold. I love how they go with just about everything, too! Bonus? They’re light and don’t weigh on your ears.

THREE: Gold Cuff: I am totally a fan of a huge party on my arm with lots of bracelets, but if you’re looking for a more “every-day” piece, this cuff is perfect. It’s delicate and easy to wear alone or with other bracelets!

All of these beautiful pieces I’ve posted can be found at You will love them now and of course thank yourself in a few months when it’s time for spring cleaning!


This post was sponsored by Gorjana jewelry, all opinions are my own. 



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Too Hot? Two Piece!

I know just about everyone is starting to transition to their cozy fall sweaters and blanket scarves (and I’m oh so jealous), but it’s still 100 degrees in Phoenix! So in the mean time, I’ll be wearing two-piece sets like this one!

      When I saw this adorable set from SheIn, I knew I had to have it because 1) stripes, 2) ruffles + a bow, and 3) only $15 for the top AND shorts!

Am I the only one who is loving clothing that sort of looks like pajamas?? Didn’t think so… 😉 that’s a trend I can get behind. I wore this set when we were in Rome (post on that coming soon!) and it was SO comfortable, just like PJ’s. I ended up throwing a cardigan over it at night (not pictured, but linked) when it cooled off.

Two Piece Set // Shoes // Earrings 

So I guess if you live in warmer climates (or should I say “you can fry an egg on the sidewalk because it’s so dang hot” climates) like me, then you’re probably still rocking outfits like these too! Personally, I think you should rock this one. Maybe I’m biased 🙂


One Romper Three Ways

         What’s one thing I love more than Taco Bell?? Trick question…I don’t love anything more than Taco Bell. Well, Maybe my husband 😉 What’s one thing that’s a close second to Taco Bell? A good deal on clothing that can be worn multiple ways. A piece that has more than one style is always a bargain because you are basically getting several outfits for the price of one!

Lucky for you (and me) I’m sharing this adorable romper I bought from Four Sisters Boutique —a boutique near home in Nebraska. I styled it 3 different ways as pictured below!

  1. Sleeves tied as a bow in the front-seriously how fun? You just take the sleeves off your shoulders and tie a knot in the front.

  1. Sleeves tied in the back– same thing as the bow in front, but in back. I know, mind blowing!!

  1. Off the shoulder long sleeves-the way it was designed. Clearly I’m a rule-breaker with the styles above.

I was just playing dress up and messing around with these adorable sleeves solely to be silly and realized “oh!! I actually dig this” Hopefully you can use these little tricks for any off the shoulder gems hanging in your closet. Or maybe you’ll just have to order this one!

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Blue Satin Maxi

When I was in college and lived in my sorority house (Delta Gamma), I had these hot pink, satin sheets. I’m talking like the most ridiculous bedding ever! All the girls used to laugh and say “ohh that’s so Ashley”. Then I went on to pick out a satin wedding dress, which I hope to post about on here someday! I promise my wedding dress was much classier than my pink, satin sheets. Anyway, if you couldn’t tell, I totally have a thing for satin. It’s so girly, feminine, and pretty.

This satin maxi from Lulu’s is perfect for an end-of-summer wedding, date night, or you could even dress it up for an upscale event like a fundraiser. I wore it to a good friends wedding back in Nebraska this summer and received so many compliments. I’m sure you’ve picked up on the fact that I love comfy shoes, so that’s why I chose to wear my “go-to” Steve Madden wedges. These are affordable and go with just about everything. And finally, to top off the look I added some fun earrings! These SUGARFIX (by BaubleBar) earrings were only $13 from Target. Seriously, there is nothing Target can’t do or fix… I’m sure there’ll be a post on that later 😉

Dress // Shoes // Earrings // Lip Color 

So at the end of the day, if something as simple as satin makes you happy and feel fab, GO FOR IT! I hope y’all are having a great weekend so far. Everyday I’m amazed at the support and love I receive about All Things Ashley. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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All Weather, All Year

How is it already August!? I don’t know about you, but this year has flown by! Time is a funny, funny thing. Since the days, months, and years seem to speed by more quickly as I get older I like to buy clothes that are great for all types of weather, all year long.

For today’s outfit, I chose a few neutral-colored items that are easy to pair and can be worn most of the year. I love putting staples together like this adorable white top, shorts, and shoes. This top is perfect for that year-round look because it’s not a tank, not quite short sleeves, but just right for any temperature. It’s so flow-y and comfy (FYI it also comes in navy)! You can dress it with shorts like I did or jeans and a jacket when the weather cools off (please God let that happen sooner than later here in AZ). These grey, open-toe booties I just had to have because they’re a staple that can be worn almost year round. Seriously, aren’t they cute?? They too are very comfortable which is huge for this girl! I plan to pair them with jeans and dresses also.

White Top // Denim Shorts (similar) // Bag (similar) // Shoes // Sunnies // Watch 

Staples with a little extra detail create a timeless look that can be worn all year round! Although I do hope this year SLOWS DOWN at least I know I have a few items to wear this fall from the summer!

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New Things Ashley

Well beauties, here we are at my very first post on my very first blog! These past few weeks have been so much fun getting All Things Ashley ready to go. My husband, Christian, has been the biggest help in the world and I’m so grateful for him. If you take a look at my about me you’ll read why I wanted to start this blog in the first place! I can’t wait to share my love and inspiration for all things style, fashion, interiors, travel, food, and family. Your support means more than you know and I am so excited to start this journey with you!!

My husband once said to me before going to dinner “you women are so lucky when it comes to clothing”. Defensively and likely with a snarky tone, I asked him why he thought such a crazy thing to which he responded, “Well because you can throw on a dress and don’t have to match a shirt with pants”. Fair. Very fair point, Christian James.

Chambray Tie-Up Dress // Bow Tennis Shoes // Straw Hat // Gold Watch // Mauve Lip Color  (wearing shade “Patina”)

Where we live it’s 100 or more degrees during the summer, so I have basically been living in dresses like this one from Lulu’s. Chambray, pockets, tie-up top, and comfy all caught my attention with this dress. It’s perfect because you can dress it up with wedges like these or down with a cute pair of tennis shoes/sandals. I chose the ladder for today’s look. I’m a total sucker for anything with a touch of girly or “bows” so these slip-on’s from ZARA were the perfect find! They’re also affordable at only $30. Add a summery hat like this one and voila—done!

So I guess my husband has a fraction of a point. Us girls are pretty lucky that we don’t have to match our top’s and bottoms when we choose dresses like this one. Lets be real though, part of the fun is putting it all together, matching or not 😉 Thank you SO much for checking out my very first blog post. It has been a crazy (and fun) month getting my corner of the internet squared away.

Gotta run, off to help my babe put his clothes together for work tomorrow (oh, the irony).