Notary Services

Mobile Notary and Loan Signing When You Need It

General Notary Services

♦ Power of Attorney

♦ Personal Legal documents

♦ Transfers of Real Estate

♦ Real Estate Loans

♦ Financial Documents

♦ Wills & Trusts 

♦ Family matters

♦ Guardianships 

♦ Health Care Directives 

♦ Medical Release Forms 

♦ DMV Documents

♦ Copy Certification by Document Custodian

♦ Acknowledgement / Affirmations 

♦ Domestic Partnerships

♦ Sworn Oaths

♦ Consent Letters for Minor Child to Travel Internationally

♦ And All Other Documents allowed by Georgia Law

DISCLAIMER: No warranty of any kind is given by these documents.  Provider is a Notary Public and is not licensed in the practice of law.  If you desire personal assistance in deciding which documents are appropriate for your needs, you should contact a Georgia licensed attorney. 

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Did you know that all signing agents are notary publics, but not all notary publics are signing agents? 

Here’s the difference: Loan signing agents are notary publics who are certified to assist the lender in guiding the borrower through their loan documents. They might help answer any questions the customer has about their loan, whether it’s for a vehicle, a home, or a business.

Notary publics, on the other hand, don’t have that additional certification. That means notaries don’t have the ability or expertise to provide information to their customers, so their job is to only confirm the parties’ agreements and witness signatures for legal documents. I’m certified to do both.